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  • What are the Best Sailing Yachts?
    Are you a thalassophile? Then you’re passionate about sailing the seas! While the world of boats is a wide maritime museum for those who admire the ocean and vessels that traverse them, the world of yachts is still an enigma for most people.
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    In the world of outboard motors, significant changes, manufacturing challenges, great leaps, and dramatic new features in the industry are afoot. All of this is reshaping the future of outboard propulsion in the boating industry.

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Yamaha Boats combine design, engineering and craftsmanship to create the gold standard for family fun on the water. Yamaha Boat owners are different. They expect more. They do more. They dream big. And they need a boat designed in a pioneering spirit with forward thinking innovations that exceed expectations.

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OHI Marine also manufactures a wide range of FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) fishing boats that offer reliability and performance. Our specialist, trained and certified technicians understand each requirement, and provide customized solutions that offer the best of design, safety, reliability and quality. OHI Marine has earned the reputation of supporting commercial fishing industry by extending support often beyond technical assistance. With Oman’s seafaring tradition and a number of fishing villages along the long coastline of Oman, OHI is proud to work with the community, to continue the legacy of the past, and in supporting it as a pillar of growth for the economy.